Our experience with Ms. Parker as a tutor for my sophomore student in Chemistry Hons. was excellent.  She has a very good knowledge of this subject and was very patient in clarifying the chemistry principles, tailoring each of the tutoring sessions to fit our student's academic need resulting in higher grades for class tests and an A grade for the semester. A wonderful teacher, we highly recommend her for chemistry tutoring.

— A parent from Tesla STEM High School, Redmond, WA

We were referred to Dr. Parker by a mutual friend.  Our son had little troubles in his honors chemistry until the end of 3rd quarter.  Dr. Parker was able to quickly assess where he needed more help, provided direct instruction to fill in the learning gaps and helped him finish the year understanding the class content. The two of them met once in person and afterwards used Skype and Wacom tablets for lessons.  The use of technology was great for eliminating our commute time to lessons. We will definitely refer others to Dr. Parker if their children are taking advanced chemistry courses.  

— Parent of Bellevue Christian School, Bellevue, WA

Dr. Anjana Parker is a talented teacher who can help students understand chemistry and make it fun and interesting.  She has successfully taught chemistry to learners with a variety of backgrounds, skills, and ages.  She knows how to engage children in chemistry experiences that are relevant and appealing.

— Cindy Sidaris, Pediatric Occupational Therapist (OTR/L), CA

Dr. Parker really cares about her students and goes the extra mile to make sure they understand difficult concepts. She is able to challenge her students while keeping them engaged. I very much enjoyed working with her!

—Vanessa Nault, Cornell University, NY

I really enjoyed taking the chemistry summer camp with Dr. Parker. Her lessons gave me a very good grasp on the concepts and made me feel prepared to go into my high-school chemistry class. I loved it, had a lot of fun, and would definitely recommend this program to others!

—Shruthi Jayakumar, Los Altos High School, CA

Dr. Parker was my organic chemistry instructor at Notre Dame de Namur University in the SF Bay Area where she helped further my understanding in chemistry. Her lectures were filled with carefully thought-out content which also included fun facts of where the topic areas were applicable in everyday life. She encouraged us to work with others and revisit topics and was open to always helping us with our questions. I know that these videos will boost chemistry understanding to all who view. She is a great instructor!

—Patricia Lacayo, Notre Dame de Namur University, CA

I took a year of Organic Chemistry with Dr. Parker at NDNU and her enthusiasm and love for the subject most definitely reflected positively on me, and in turn, enabled me to understand concepts of a course that always seemed far too abstract for me…I never thought I would say that regarding Organic Chemistry; she has opened up my mind to a class I thought I’d never be able to grasp.

– Khaled Alaquil, Notre Dame De Namur University, CA