About Dr. Anjana Parker: 

Hello students, welcome to Reaction Flask.  I am glad you stopped by!

If you have signed up for an enrichment class, I hope you will visit here more often. Class handouts and supplemental materials will be posted here for you to use as needed. There will be no tests, quizzes, and grades as this is an enrichment program after school. If you like taking practice tests, we can arrange that.

A little about me…I Have a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Southern California. During graduate school, I worked at the Loker Hydrocarbon Institute under the directorship of Dr. George A. Olah (Nobel Laureate, 1994). Working at the Institute was both a thrilling and humbling experience, as I was daily in the company of world-famous professors and researchers who have instilled in me a lifelong love for learning.

I have been teaching college chemistry courses since 2005 in San Francisco Bay Area. Before teaching, I worked in Research & Development at biotech companies also in the Bay Area. Besides chemistry, I enjoy cooking, watching Masterchef Junior, learning about educational technology tools, and kayaking. I have two children, and one of them was home-schooled through elementary grades. Currently, both of them are in Lake Washington School District. Also, I am always enthusiastic learning about new teaching tools for students in the sciences.

Come and visit the site often, and drop me a line when you are here. I enjoy hearing from my students!